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Bangladesh: The Black Days of late 2001 and early 2002 

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Pictures  from demonstrations  in Dallas, TX. 

  Press Release

HRCBM-DFW protests and condemns the ATTACK ON GOD SHANI TEMPLE AND DEMOLITION OF THE ICON at Shakhari Bazaar. HRCBM-DFW asks the Govt. to bring the criminals to justice and ensure security of the minority Hindus. Read the letter to PM, click here.

HRCBM-DFW urges the Bangladesh Govt. to release Mr. Shahriar Kabir. Read the letter, click here.


The face of brutality
 Principal Gopal Krishna Muhuri
Hindu leader and Principal of Nazirhat College Gopal Krishna Muhuri was gunned down in day lights
The Remains of Manik Saha, a prominent Journalist
The Murder of Manik Saha, a prominent Journalist and known minority Elite

Sign Petition-Bangladesh: Attack on Human Rights Defender Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and Professor Asok Taru Saha, HRCBM-Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ensure Safety & Security: Bring the Criminals to Justice.

Bangladesh- Vested Property Act (Enemy Property Act)
Enemy Property Act (Vested Property) in Bangladesh by Rabindra Ghosh

Sign Petition
-Bangladesh: Ensure Safety and Security of Advocate Rabindra Ghosh,President HRCBM-Dhaka, Bangladesh

Press Release:Murder of Buddhist Monk, Jnan Jyoti Barua- Bring the Criminals to Justice

Urgent Action from HRCBM

Press Release: Video Suggests Ethnic Cleansing of Minorities in Bangladesh: HRCBM

A Special Bulletin: HRCBM

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Expatriate Bangladeshi gathered in downtown Dallas to protest against the atrocities on Hindu and other minorities in Bangladesh. Dozens of protestors accused the Govt. of Bangladesh for their in-action to protect the minorities. 

Nearly 200,000 Hindu and Other Religious Minorities in Bangladesh Terrorized by the Bangladeshi Government and Islamic Fundamentalists. According to several new reports, Islamic fundamentalist forces are abducting Hindu girls from their homes and gang rapping them often in front of their parents, burning their homes, looting their belongings, and causing inhumane physical tortures.





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HRCBM PRESS RELEASE:Bangladesh :Protect the Life and Properties of Judges, Lawyers, Journalists and Rights Activists. Lawyers and Judges must be protected to perform their duties without any fear of reprisal.
Attacked, Murthi (Deities) demolished at Thakurgaon District-Bangladesh. “Ajker Kagoj” 7 Sept-05
Twelve Indigenous Members of Minority Family mostly cobblers by profession displaced from their paternal lands at Madarganj P.S. under Jamalpur District-Bangladesh on last Sunday. Madrasha (Islamic School) has been established overnight.
HRCBM Investigative Report- A Buddhist Minority girl – Ms. Babita Barua (22) has been kidnapped from Uttara-Dhaka-Bangladesh and converted to Islam on 23rd August, 2005.
Investigative Report of Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM-Dhaka) on forceful conversion of a Hindu Minor girl- Ms.Shova Rani Roy (12) at Adithmari P.S. Dist- Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh. Investigation conducted on 20th August, 2005.

Bangladesh: Attack on Human Rights Defender Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and Professor Asok Taru Saha, HRCBM-Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ensure Safety & Security: Bring the Criminals to Justice.
HRCBM Investigative Report-Rape of a destitute Hindu Minor children – Ms.Anjali Rabi Das at Bhatia,Tarakanda,Mymensingh.
HRCBM Investigative Report-34 HinduMinority Families displaced and their 67 acres of shrimp-fish cultural field (Gher) at village Ranga Shisha,Debhata, Satkhira.
Religious minorities under pressure. Religious minorities are allegedly facing threats and intimidation by the ruling four-party alliance men ahead of the May 9 Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) polls.
Hindu mother gang-raped infront of her son at Patuakhali Distrtict-Bangladesh.
91 Minority repression wiithin one month last March,2005.
HRCBM Investigative Report: The Worst Barbarism- A 14 year old girl brutaly gang-raped and forcefully converted to Islam.
A Minor Hindu Boy – Rajan Chandra Das (16) son of Khokan Chandra Das (F) and Ms.Chinu Rani Das (M) of village Uttar Da, P.S. Laksam , District- Comilla Bangladesh forcefully converted to Islam. The guardians of the victim are in great threat.
Investigative Report of H.R.C.B.M.(Dhaka)-Bangladesh on the incidents of forceful occupation of a Minority Hindu land properties worth Taka 9 million at Narasinghpur-Savar P.S., Dhaka.
Bangladesh- Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2004 Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor February 28, 2005
HRCBM-Dhaka Representative has been verbally assaulted by D.C. Narayanganj and RDC N.Ganj,Bangladesh
Investigative Report of HRCBM-Dhaka-Bangladesh on the incident of land grabbing, repression and torture upon three Hindu family at Kanchan, Rupganj P.S., District – Narayanganj- Bangladesh.
Bangladesh: tens of thousands remain internally displaced and unassisted (Global IDP Project)
HRCBM PRESS RELEASE:HRCBM is shocked and outraged by the brutal murder of the former Finance Minister of Bangladesh, Shah AMS Kibria, and four others recently at a peaceful political rally in Hobiganj.
BANGLADESH:The Next Islamist Revolution?   Unable to find the link? Click here.
A Hindu minority women tortured-family uprooted from own house- Victim hiding for fear of life at Biirganj P.S, Dist.Dinajpur-Bangladesh.
Investigative Report of HRCBM on the incident of murder of a Hindu couple at North Gourambha union, P.S. Rampal, District Bagerhat.
Investigative Report of HRCBM-Dhaka on the incident of attack on Hindu devotees at village Rasulpur, Begumganj P.S. Dist. Noakhali.
Powerful group attacks Hindus in Dhamrai village. Many flee homes as police, local leaders take no action. Victims turn to HRCBM for HELP. -- The Daily Star News (11/27/2004)
The Oppressed Minorities -By Professor Ajoy K. Roy
Trip To Bhola: "Annada Prasad" Cries in silence & anguish -Professor Ajoy K. Roy
HRCBM PRESS RELEASE: Bangladesh: Remembering ......, 2001 and Rape of Bhola.
Bangladesh: The Black Days of late 2001 and early 2002
Protest over damage of idol of Durga -The Daily Star (10/17/04)
Bangladesh: HRCBM is Gravely Concerned about the Life and Safety of Mr. Shaibal Saha
Press Release (Aug 29, 2004): Help is on the way to arson victims of Adam Sarkerpara, Pirgacha, Rangpur, Bangladesh.
URGENT ACTION: Protect the Life and Properties of Religious and Ethnic Minorities and Rights Activists. Ensure Human Rights and Freedom of Expression. Restore Secularism and Communal Harmony.
Bangladesh: Minorities are discriminated in getting flood relief.
HRCBM-Appeal for Flood Relief 2004. HRCBM workers are already in the field to distribute relief materials to flood victims.
HRCBM PRESS CONFERENCE--Dhaka Press Club, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Thursday, June 24, 2004.
HRCBM PRESS RELEASE--Ensure Safety and Security of Dr. Kamal Hossain and Professor Humayun Azad.
Minority Businessman Sanatan Pal is abducted from the front of his home in Magura, Bangladesh (in Bengali).
Help Sawpna Rani--a victim of forceful conversion.
HRCBM COMMEMORATES Martyrs Day: International Mother Language Day.
A US State Department report has praised Bangladesh for generally allowing its citizens to freely practice their religion of choice, but criticised its police forces for often being slow to assist members of religious minorities who have been victims of crimes.
Bangladesh: Rape, Abductions & Killings--Religious Minority Women are Targeted
Kuldip Nayar:The plight of minorities has bothered me. It frightens me much more now. The record of the government by Khaleda Zia — this is her second stint — is littered with fundamentalism and anti-minority moves.
Torture and repression on religious minority member Advocate Sanjoy Kumar Sen--An Investigative Report by HRCBM-Dhaka
A Massacre waiting to happen in Nowabganj, Bangladesh: Terrorist & Police nexus: HRCBM Preliminary report
Bangladesh may be emerging terrorist nexus, CSIS report warns: Canadian Press
Massacre at Banskhali, Bangladesh: In pictures and words: HRCBM Report
ALERT: More than 500,000 people may be internally displaced in Bangladesh due to conflict over land and religious persecution: IDP
CHT at standstill as violence marks accord anniversary: The Daily Star News
PCJSS siege today for CHT accord execution: The Daily Star News
Bangladesh: A Case of Silent Genocide of the Minorities- Bring the Culprits to Justice, Ensure Safety and Security of Religious, Ethnic and Tribal Minorities: HRCBM Press Release
11 of members including women and children of a minority family roasted alive in Banshkhali, Bangladesh: News Report
URGENT ACTION ALERT: Bangladesh: Grave Concern on Harkat-E-Islam Al-Jihad’s Ultimatum “Convert to Islam in 7-Days or Face Death”, Brutal Killing, Abduction, Gang Rape, Eviction and Attack on Temples
Bangladesh: Militants threaten minority to convert to Islam or face dire consequence
PART_II: A destitute minority woman is unlawfully evicted from her own homestead, Government officials involved: Investigative Report
A destitute minority woman is unlawfully evicted from her own homestead, Government officials involved: Investigative Report
Police gang rape minority women: An Investigative Report
Vandals raid temple, set Shiva's image on fire:The Daily Star News
Urgent Action Alert: Bangladesh: Grave Concern on Violation of Human Rights and Freedom
Land Grabber demolished Temple and occupied Deity’s Property at Sonargaon PS, Narayanganj: An investigative report
Press Release: OMCT expresses concern at violence against girls and the juvenile justice system in Bangladesh
Tribal housewife lynched to death after gang rape at Ranishankail, Bangladesh
Hill people’s tale of woe: The Independent
Arbitrary Detention and an appeal from HRCBM to help destitute minority families of Dhamrai, Bangladesh
Eight minority families of Dhananjoy village living in a sense of insecurity: National Newspapers
DIG of police warns HRCBM members to abandon humanitarian work and stop helping minority victims of crime
Press Release: HRCBM renews its appeal to Government of Bangladesh to protect minority leaders
Brutal Gang Rape of Minority girls belonging to indigenous community: A HRCBM report
Life wiped out of Shova's eyes in highlands of lost hope: The Daily Star report
Minorities are forced to pay Zizia Tax (a tax impose on non-Muslims to live in Bangladesh) at Nowabganj: HRCBM reports
27 members of minority community held at Satkhira border: reports from leading bangladesh dailies
Ethnic villagers live under spectre of fear: The Dailystar news
Ration stopped for indigenous CHT refugees: The Dailystar news
Hill tracts turn volatile: The Dailystar news
9 minority women gang raped in Chittagong, Bangladesh: The Dailystar news
Terror in Bangladesh: The Washington Times
3 Hindu women raped as robbers loot houses: Dailystar News
Bangladesh: Discrimination and Displacement of Religious Minorities: Refugees International
Two Minority women burned alive in Bangladesh: Daily Star News
Blind faith: Unrelenting persecution of the religious and ethnic minorities in Bangladesh: Hindustan Times
The status of indigenous & minority children in Bangladesh:Asian Indigenous & Tribal Peoples Network
Research Document:Human Rights Violations under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
Rape and torture empties the villages: The Guardian
Britain ignores Bangladeshi persecution: The Guardian
HRCBM Report: Bangladesh: Christian House attacked, looted and razed: 30 Severely wounded
Press Release: HRCBM renews its appeal to Government of Bangladesh in the World Day of International Justice
Christian family at Boraigram, Bangladesh under attack : 4 Severely wounded
A petition from Mukto-mona: Save the Minorities from peril and let live with equal rights
Global Human Rights Defence addresses alarming human rights situation of Bangladesh minorities in Europe
A Very Dirty Plot: Time Magazine Report
Babita Rani Boby (18) (Harijan by caste) of Hatgangpara, Bagmara P.S. District Rajshahi was gang-raped by Jalaluddin, Raisuddin, Raja and also two Police constables of Hatgangpara Police Camp at Bagmara P.S. Rajshahi on 16th October, 2003--HRCBM Investigative Report.
State of Minorities in Bangladesh by Saleem Samad.
The Daily Inqilab, the mouthpiece of the Muslim Fundamentalist organizations in Bangladesh, threatened to disrupt social stability and communal harmony in the country(Bengali).
How do we treat our Minorities? Time for some honest answers.
Call to abolish "Islam" as the state religion and to remove "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim (In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful)" from the Constitution of Bangladesh -HBCOP (Daily Ittefaq, June 10, 03, in Bengali)
Outlaws slaughter 3 in Khulna (Daily Star)
Minorities came under alliance attack after polls (alt)
Minorities came under alliance attack after polls(Janakantha,in Bengali)
Police officer instigated violence against minority: Daily Star News
Rape of minor Hindu girl at Kaliakair,Gaizpur Dist.,Bangladesh(in Bengali)
A letter from victim of brutality: HRCBM
Dateline Bangladesh: A report from Daily Prothom-Alo
Attacks on minorities at Mirzapur, Bangladesh: Three including a pragnent women seriously wounded: An investigative report
  Attacks on Minorities in Bajitpur, Kishoreganj: HRCBM Investigative Report.
Gruesome attacks on minorities at Gazipur, Bangladesh: An investigative report
Gang Rape, Murder: Atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh continues: HR Tribune
Bangladesh: BNP (ruling party)THUG GANG RAPE MINORITY WOMEN (Garment worker)
HRCBM strongly condemned the murder and gang rape incident of Bagerhat: Daily Observer
Highlights of Human Rights Reports on Bangladesh by U.S. Department of State 
Hindu Farmer killed, wife, two others gang raped in Bagerhat: Daily Janakantha
Temple blown in bomb blast: Daily Star News
Euro parliament team blasts indemnity law: Daily Star News
Police play a 'mysterious' role over Islamic militant: Daily Star News
HRCBM COMMEMORATES EKUSHE: Shaheed Dibas: International Mother Language Day
Bangladeshis flock to 'weeping Virgin': BBC
Islamic militants planned to bomb concert: Daily Star News
Four on death row for killing Muhuri: Daily Star News
The Main Criminal Involved in Planning the Murder of Principal Muhur apprehended: Vorer Kagoj
HRCBM's relief work for winter victims continues at Northern Bangladesh: Report from HRCBM
Bangla soft-target Hindu families fade out: The Telegraph
Purnima (a victim of religious persecution) inaugurates HRCBM's relief work for winter victims: Report from

‘It is a war against the Hindus in Bangladesh’: The Indian Express
Rape and Killing of a Christian School Girl in Panchagarh: The Prothom-alo
Monk Murder Plot Unravels: The Sangbad
BNP Leader Builds a Residence on the Forcibly Occupied Landed Property of the Ancestral Home of Martyr Dr. Jyotirmoy Guhathakurata: Vorer Kagoj
Bangladesh Minorities: A Glimpse of 2002 in pictures: HRCBM
Quandary Reflection: HRCBM
Land left behind to save lives - Hounded Bangladeshis flee to ‘relief camps’ in Bengal: The Telegraph
Bangladesh: Celebrations and bombs: Asia Times
Petition from RSF: Campaign for the release of Saleem Samad and Priscilla Raj, held without charge
Bangladesh's growing sensitivities: BBC
Justice and Force in Bangladesh: World Press Review
15 die in Bangladesh theatre blasts: Times of India
Doubts over Bangladesh rebel accord: BBC
Kali Puja Mandop desecrated and idol destroyed: Daily Janakantha
Press Release: Avowal of concerns, HRCBM demands unconditional release of foreign journalists
2 foreign journalists held, charged with anti-state activities: The Independent
UK journalists held in Bangladesh: BBC
Urgent Action Appealed: Attorney General of Bangladesh manhandled Human Rights Defender: HRCBM
Euro-parliament sees 'serious HR violation': Daily Star News
Ethnic Cleansing in Bangladesh: Mukto-mona
Bangladesh denies al-Qaeda accusation: BBC
Al-Qaeda, ISI activities on the rise in Bangladesh: Advani:Hindustantimes
Bangladesh: “Operation Clean Heart” results in over 3,000 arrests and the death of 10 people as a result of torture: OMCT
Bangladesh is new rest stop for Al-Qaeda fugitives: The Herald
Murder and Gang rape: Nightmare for minorities in Bangladesh: A Special Report from HRCBM
Bangladesh's 'al-Qaeda links': BBC
Quandary Reflection: A HRCBM newsletter
Site of Hindu Festival Attacked: Icons destroyed – An Attempt to Usurp the Temple Property?: Janakantha
Bangladesh crime clean-up: Two die: BBC
Army fights crime in Bangladesh: BBC
Army on standby to crackdown on crime: Daily Star News
Deadly Cargo - Bangladesh: Al-Qaeda's New Safe Haven?: Time
Puja Mandap vandalised in Pabna: DailyStar News
Bangladesh detains hundreds ahead of Durga Puja: Hindustantimes
Temple burnt, idols destroyed in Bangladesh: The Indian Express
Temple torched, idols destroyed in Bangladesh: Hindustan Times
One year of coalition rule:Poor HR record: Daily Star News
Bangladesh: Breeding ground for Muslim terror: Asia Times
10 feared killed, 200 hurt in two blasts at Satkhira: The Independent
Bangladesh investigates blasts: BBC
Bomb blasts rock Bangladesh town: BBC
2 teenage girls raped and killed in Magura: Daily Star News
Dhaka hardliners protest against play: BBC
Ukhia Chakma (Indigenous Tribal) neighborhood-bereft of men: Janakantha
U.S. team in Dhaka to probe attacks on Hindus: Yahoo News (IANS)
Quandary Reflection: HRCBM
Protection of HR lacking: UNDP: The Independent
Torture on minorities violation of HR: CEC: The Independent
URGENT ACTION! Bangladesh lawyer threatened and attacked:Amnesty International
Urgent Action Appealed:HRCBM
Religious Extremism And Nationalism In Bangladesh: Bangladesh Observer
HRCBM submits Memo to President of Bangladesh
Quandary Reflection
Bangladesh:Forceful Conversion of Two Minor Hindu Girls to Islam
Farmer killed, wife, two others gang raped in Bagerhat: Daily Janakantha
Urgent Help for Ex VP of Jagannath Hall Prof. Hiranmoy Pandey
Hindu family victims of illegal occupation in Brahmanbaria
BNP Leader's brother forcibly occupies Hindu house in Brahmanbaria
An appeal from a Destitute family: Help save minorities in Bangladesh
Urgent Action Appealed: Help stop forceful conversion to Islam in Bangladesh
Lawyer seeks security: Daily Star News
New Documentary movie from HRCBM on Bangladesh minorities
Quandary Reflection:HRCBM
Satkhira: Atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh: HRCBM Special Report
Urgent Action: Attack on Human Right Activist, Advocate Rabindra Ghosh: HRCBM
HRCBM’s Report unveiled truth: Kidnap, Land grabbing and atrocities against minorities in Sathkira: Daily Sangbad
Atrocities against minorities continue in Bangladesh: A Special Report from HRCBM-Dhaka
Escalating Violence Threatens Press Freedom in Bangladesh: A Special Report from RSF (Reporters without Border)
Tribal Housewife was forcefully unclothed and tortured: Police refused to register accusation against the miscreants: Sangbad
Well-orchestrated attacks on minorities to evict them from Mehandhiganj: Bhorer Kagoj
International Convention On Crimes Against Humanity Bengal Basin And Beyond: Reaffirming A Humane, Plural Society: IIBB
Quandary Reflection: HRCBM
A Vibrant Culture Facing Uncertainty: Daily Star News
Quandary Reflection: HRCBM

Danish, German envoys ask govt to stop minority repression: NFB
Alleged BNP activists beat 3 Christians: Daily Star News
Tapashi pays penalty, but why?: NFB
A Special Bulletin: HRCBM
Terrorists attack houses of Christian community in Pabna: NFB
Two minority women gang raped: Ajkerkagoj
Alleged BNP-backed men besiege Christians: DailyStar News
Press Release: Video Suggests Ethnic Cleansing of Minorities in Bangladesh: HRCBM
A minority women (32 year old housewife)is gang raped by ruling party cadres in front of her son and husband: Daily Janakantha
Govt should stand by her immediately, Rapists and those who denied her protection equally punishable: Daily Star News
Declaration asks govt to halt 'political and religious cleansing': The Independent
Bangladesh opposition call to end persecution: BBC
From the diary of a deceased minority young man: Daily Janakantha
The protection of minorities: A critical challenge for everyone: Bangla Rights
Gang rape continues at Naugaou, minority girls appeal for justice: Daily Janakantha
No funds for puja: IU VC's decree: Daily Star News
6 people wounded: BNP cadres illegally seized land of a minority family at Bagherhat: Ajkerkagoj
Minority girl gang raped by ruling party (BNP) Cadres : Janakantha
35 People wounded: Desecration of Temple, defilement of Goddess Kali and attack on minorities in Shirajdikqan : Janakantha
15 minority people injured in attack by terrorists in Munshiganj: NFB
Assault on minorities in Bangladesh: An Analysis: Meghbarta
Take instant action if anything happens to minority: Cabinet body directs: NFB
Special Report on Bhola: HRCBM
Govt blamed for failure to end repression on minorities: Daily Independent
Terrorists on rampage at Takurgao, 40 minority families took refugee to UP office: Daily Janakantha
Shahriar fears attack on life: Daily Star News
PRESS RELEASE: Religious Minorities victimised after new party elected in Bangladesh: CSW
Bangladesh court releases journalist: BBC
US congressman's concern over reports of violence against Hindus: NFB
Rally, hunger strike in NY protesting atrocities on minorities in Bangladesh: The Independent
Shakhari Bazar : Hindus Stay Home to Avoid Massive Arrests: Daily Janakantha
Acid attack on minority family: Daily Ittefaq
Procession, rally protesting damage of deity: Daily Star News
"The courts would not regulate the fatwas, Rather the fatwas would regulate the courts": Prothom-Alo
Young man held for damaging deity of Kali: Daily Star News
Bengali Groups Sound Off:U.S. leaders cite religious persecution in Bangladesh: Newsday
The killing field: A special report from Savvy
Bangla to take steps to prevent violence against Hindus: Khaleda: Hindustantimes
The Bengali motherland!!: Daily Bartaman
BNP cadres's barbarism - five minority women including mother and daughter are tortured and molested in Bagherhat: Sangbad
Indian PM to take up minorities' issue with Khaleda Zia : Rediff
Tales that refugees tell: A speecial Report from HRCBM volunteer
22 Hindu women raped, forced to walk naked in public: Mayerdak
4 Million Bangladeshi Minorities: Victims of Ethnic Persecution: Mayerdak
How Long will the Dasaratha Chandras be Persecuted?: Sangbad
Khatib's unsolicited remarks; Appropriate action called for: DailyStar Editorial
Bangladesh alleges 'separatist plot': bbc
'Fatwa' of Baitul Mukarram Khatib: 'US number one terrorist in the world': NFB
Atrocity continues, report from ground zero: A special report from HRCBM relief worker
Atrocities against minorities in Bangladesh are continuing: A special report from HRCBM relief worker
Hindus in Bangladesh abused, groups claim: The Mercury News

The night of the lost nose-pins; At least say 'yes' for the Minority (Daily Star, Nov. 16, 2001)
Fear and insecurity still haunt them (Series of investigative reports by Star Roving Team, November 11, 2001)
Stories of Shefali and Joyonti (Series of investigative reports by Star Roving Team, November 10, 2001)
  Harrowing tales of depravity    (The first of a series of investigative reports by Star Roving Team, November 09, 2001)
Minority groups in Bangladesh call for strike (The Hindu, November 09, 2001)
  Driven by fear and despair (The Statesman, November 9, 2001)
  Bangladesh Hindu atrocities 'documented' (BBC News, Friday, November 9, 2001)
Minorities attacked in Mirersarai: One killed, 16 hurt (Daily Star News, Nov. 7, 2001)
  Khaleda loyalist-ravaged Hindus pour in, Bengal waits, watches (The Newspapertoday,
Friday, November 6, 2001)
  Religious minorities in panic as ruling party men run riot (Daily Star News, Oct. 18, 2001)



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